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Rental terms and conditions

The following conditions are considered an integral part of the present rental agreement.


  1. The Customer takes full responsibility for the rented equipment.
  2. In case of complete breakage or theft of the rented equipment, the whole price of a new equivalent item will be charged to the Customer.
  3. In case of a partial damage of the equipment, the repair costs will be charged to the Customer.
  4. In case of theft, the Customer is obliged to report the incident to the competent local authorities.
  5. It is always possible to change the rented item for another one of the same price category during the rental period. It is also possible to change the rented item for another one of a different price category upon paying the supplement for a superior category and without any price refund for an inferior category. 
  6. The rented equipment should be pre-paid for the whole period including the day of its return.
  7. If the rented equipment is not returned within 7 days of the expiry of the rental period, it will be automatically reported to the police as stolen.
  8. An early cancellation of the rental contract is possible by returning the equipment without any claims for refund from the customer’s part.
  9. Refunds are granted only in the event of illness and/or injuries proven by a valid medical certificate, issued by an official medical institution of the Province of Trento.
  10. For the mounting, setting and repair of alpine ski bindings as well as the rental of skis, snowboards and any other items, it is necessary to sign a rental agreement for the acceptance of the present regulations which determine that the setting of the bindings is performed according to the information provided by the Customer and to the standards of the bindings’ manufacturer.
  11. The present rental agreement shall enter into force only upon payment of the stipulated value of the rented equipment and upon presentation of an identity document valid for the whole period of rental.
  12. The rental of a ski storage locker “SkiBox” is provided upon presentation of a valid identity document and payment of the SkiBox rental rate that varies depending on the rental of at least one full equipment set consisting of helmet, poles, skis and boots.
  13. Skiboot rates differ as follows: => 235 mm junior rates; =< 240 mm adult rates.

Privacy statement (art. 13, legislative decree 196/2003):


  1. The collected personal data will be processed and handled in full compliance with the regulations of Law No. 675/96 and its subsequent amendments and additions, exclusively for the purposes of providing equipment rental services.
  2. Data processing will be carried out automatically and controlled by authorized personnel.
  3. The provision of data is necessary for the fulfilment of the contract and a refusal involves the impossibility to render the rental services.
  4. The personal data are not subject to disclosure.
  5. The data controller is OTTAVA 2018 S.r.L., sole shareholder company.
  6. The Customer at any time is entitled to exercise the rights provided by art.13 of  Law No. 675/96 by writing to OTTAVA 2018 S.r.L., P.le telecabina 12, Folgarida, 38025, Dimaro Folgarida (TN).
  7. By signing the rental card the Customer fully accepts the rental conditions. 

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